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LOGAN's Run August 2

The 11th annual LOGAN's Run will take place on the Notre Dame campus August 2. Races will start and finish from a new location this year, due to construction on campus. Visit runwithlogan.org for more information and to register.

LOGANACT Presents "The Lorax"

LOGANACT will present "The Lorax" Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10 at Battell Center Auditorium, 904 N. Main St., Mishawaka. Tickets are free, but a ticket must be presented to attend the shows. Please click here for complete information.

SSA Ticket to Work Webinar July 30

On July 30, 3:00 - 4:30pm, the Social Security Administration will present a free webinar on the SSA's Ticket to Work program and support services for people who are ready to work. This session will include information on Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating in employment against people with disabilities, and requires employers to take action to recruit, hire, promote, and retain people with disabilities.

The presentation will include information on recent changes to Section 503 regarding Social Security disability beneficiaries; tips on the application and hiring process; finding and preparing for Section 503 opportunities.

"More Jobs for People with Disabilities: What New Regulations Can Mean for You"
Register at www.chooseworkttw.net

Visit LOGAN's Facebook page www.facebook.com/logancenter for images of the 10th Anniversary Garden Party at Four Winds Field July 11.
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Respite Provider Agencies in Indiana

Respite services provide families with temporary relief from the sometimes 24 hour a day job of supervising and supporting a person with a disability. Respite is an option for any child, adolescent, or adult with disabilities. Respite services can provide relief and can help all family members feel energized, including the person with a disability who spends time with trained personnel. IIDC has updated its online listing of respite provider agencies in Indiana. Visit iidc.indiana to view the list.

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"LOGAN - The Difference Is Our People"

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Whether it's camping, meeting friends at a dance, taking a trip to Chicago, learning to swim or discovering hidden talent on stage, LOGAN Recreation gives people the chance to Live the Life.

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sproutflix.org compiles films of the "lives, performances and accomplishments of people with disabilities" around the world

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Quiet Crisis
Inarf, our trade association, has launched the Quiet Crisis campaign to raise awareness about the impact of investing in services for individuals with disabilities and their communities. Visit quietcrisis.org.

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