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Ansaris Featured in M.L. Advisor

Longtime LOGAN supporters, Zoreen & Rafat Ansari, were recently featured in the Merrill Lynch publication, Advisor. “Family Comes First” tells the story of the Ansari family and how their daughter Sonya (who has autism) opened their eyes to the importance of communication, planning for the future, and what it means to have a family member with a disability. LOGAN is grateful to the Ansari family for all they have done and continue to do to help us provide services, resources, and advocacy for other families planning for the present and future of their loved one with a disability. Just last month, with the help of the Ansaris, we were able to bring Merrill Lynch to LOGAN to talk to families who are struggling with financial planning. Their story, as told in “Family Comes First,” is truly a celebration of family. Read the article here.

Dr. Joshua Diehl to Join LOGAN

LOGAN welcomes Dr Diehl January 2, 2015 as Chief Strategy Officer for Autism. View the announcement here


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October Outreach Series and Parent Meetings

For information and schedules of our fall Outreach and Parent Meetings please click the following links:
Parent support meetings
Outreach series

LOGAN Night at Four Winds Field

Click here for more photos of the LOGAN All-Stars game with the South Bend Silver Hawks.

LOGAN's Run Video

Thanks to Tom Eleff for making this fun LOGAN's Run video.

LOGAN Campeau Home Featured

LOGAN's Campeau group home is featured as the cover story for the Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization's Annual Report. The NNRO partnered with LOGAN to build the four-bedroom home last year for women served by LOGAN. Click here to read the story.

Peer Awareness Coaching Now Offered at LOGAN

LOGAN now offers Peer Awareness Sessions for school age children grades 1-6. The goals of these sessions, presented in a child friendly manner, are threefold: Create Understanding about disabilities, Increase Awareness of everyone's abilites, and Foster Acceptance of one another. The presentations vary according to time availability, usually lasting 30-45 minutes. Please click here for more information and to schedule a free Peer Awareness Session.

Respite Provider Agencies in Indiana

Respite services provide families with temporary relief from the sometimes 24 hour a day job of supervising and supporting a person with a disability. Respite is an option for any child, adolescent, or adult with disabilities. Respite services can provide relief and can help all family members feel energized, including the person with a disability who spends time with trained personnel. IIDC has updated its online listing of respite provider agencies in Indiana. Visit iidc.indiana to view the list.

LOGAN Employment Video

"LOGAN - The Difference Is Our People"

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Whether it's camping, meeting friends at a dance, taking a trip to Chicago, learning to swim or discovering hidden talent on stage, LOGAN Recreation gives people the chance to Live the Life.

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